Typical Pinoy Attitude

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Typical Pinoy Attitude

Post   on 6/6/2009, 5:46 pm

This thread isn't a flaming thread and i'm just gonna put my observations of all Pinoys when it comes to RO especially when it comes to PvP and WoE.

For one thing, everyone acts like ego-driven maniacs. Basically, they can't stand losing and always act like prideful bast*rds when they kill someone. The typical reaction always goes like "noob,weak,asa" whenever they either kill someone or get killed themselves.

When the victim(the guy who got killed usually) retaliates with some insults of his/her own, the guy who killed him will always have his "dogs" backing him up with more insults. (when I say "dogs", I mean "mga sipsip") This then results into a never-ending flame war in-game where no one wins.

My point is that we should STOP this attitude. The best you could do when you kill someone is to simply wait for them and kill them again. Look at it this way, the more you avoid insults, the faster the guys you killed will return to be killed again. Less insults = more kills :ani_no1:

Just a tip for exciting PvP action. Flame wars tend to cause everyone to lose interest in PvP (nawawalan ng gana) and then it ends up with everyone doing absolutely nothing. That's boring right? :ani_swt3:

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