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GM Applicaton

Post  icee909 on 7/1/2009, 3:53 pm

Name: Icee Nino Reyes

Age : 22

Birthday : may,31,1987

Location : Philipines

Gender: Male

Nationality: Filipino/chinesse

YM :

What can I do to your server: since im always almost online i can give the others players events so dat they will not be bored, ive been thinking of this for days now coz some players miss the 5 on 5 or 3 on 3 event or i can answer question of others players that are new to the game.I love to help those people who are in need. S will also see to it that all the game rules will be followed. I want to become part of your staff. I want to help the other GM's maintain the smooth flow of the game. and with these i can also practice my communication skills through other people. I hope that you are going to hire me as 1 of your staff thank you.. (24/7)

character name;S`anTin`O

Other Online Games Experience:



-Aero-(pormmer GM)

-DarkRO-(pormmer GM)




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