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Mikael Jorge A. Tang

Post  mikzter on 6/13/2009, 12:19 pm

• Well i don't have any character right now cause server is offline... but if ever server got online again, my character's name would be "mikzter" and its job is Assassin Cross..

•I'm Mikael Tang and you can call me mikz, 21 years old, uhmm, fresh graduate of Computer Science... have knowledge in Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Fireworks... playing RO since 2003 i think I am only at high school in that time... i also manage to be an Co-Admin in Aj-RO name is GM Ganz, and Event Gm in 5 more servers with same GM name... and about the application.. if CO-Admin suites me its ok and Also if Event GM im also prepared for new exciting events i think i can give 3 different event a day.. :ani_gawi: :ani_gawi:

-i think i have mentioned above why i deserve to be a GM of Massive RO.... :ani_no1:

•cuteboi1488@yahoo.com (YM and Friendster Account) :ani_ok: :ani_no1: :ani_ok:

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