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Server Rules

Post  GM Singkit on 5/28/2009, 11:23 pm


1. Botting is allowed in this Server although there are some restrictions.

Please be aware of these restrictions, this is a fore warning to all players who bot.

Restrictions :

No Bots wandering or stationed in Prontera.
are all strictly not allowed, please move them in another town.

No Bots in MVP and Mini Boss maps.
No Bots in PvP and GvG areas.
*this is also implemented in events.
Note : Bot users in PvP and GvG especially Bot Support users " Will also be PUNISHED!". That means its not only the bot character itself will be punished, its "USERS" as well.

Punishments :
1st Offense - 3 days in Jail
2nd Offense - 1 week in jail
3rd Offense - 1 month in jail
4th and Last offense - IP Ban.

We advise you not to disregard this rules.

2. No harassment. Harassment is defined
as "irritating or tormenting someone persistently." If someone tells
you to leave them alone, just leave them alone. Harassment is
punishable by jail and/or suspension time at the GMs discretion.

3. No vending around NPCs. When people vend around the NPCs it hides them
from view, making it for players (especially beginners) who want to
find and use them. Doing so will be punishable by jail and/or
suspension time at the GMs discretion.

4. No chatrooms on the streets. Keeping the streets clear allows people to freely move, making the game easier for everyone.

5. Do not exploit glitches. Report them! Doing so will permanently ban your account.

6. The GMs are not allowed to hand out free items and will never do so. It
is probably best not to ask. (If you caught any GM giving away item/s,
please do report it to the admin)

7. Do not harass the GMs.
Treat the GMs as you would like to be treated, and offer them the same
respect you would like to receive. Sometimes, harassing GMs result to
deletion of account. (This is probably the most important rule here)

8. No Scamming! This especially applies to merchants. Scammers are punishable depends in the situation.

9. No Foul Language. A chat filter is active on this server. If you caught
anyone using foul languages more than 5 times, Report them at the Abuse
Section of the forum together with your screenshots.

10. Modification or editing of your client files is not allowed. This sometimes result to an IP ban depending on the case.

not all GMs are online at any time. If you caught someone disobeying
the rules, please report it ASAP in the abuse section of the forum
together with your solid proofs.

Rules can be updated at any time so please do check it regularly

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